Better Mounts – Frame Brackets for 1.25″ Pipe


Discover Better Mounts – where strength meets lightness at an unbeatable price! Crafted from premium aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (7075 T6), our brackets are twice as strong as competitors’, yet half the weight. Enjoy well-engineered gear without breaking the bank or your back, only with Better Mounts.

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Introducing Better Mounts – where strength, lightness, and affordability meet in perfect harmony! Our frame brackets are crafted from premium aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (7075 T6) – the very same material used in aircraft wings.

Unlike competing forged or machined frame brackets made from 6061 T6 aluminum, our brackets boast twice the strength. This allows us to create significantly lighter brackets without sacrificing durability. In fact, our clever design and stronger material make our brackets half the weight of the competition’s – ensuring assembly, transport, and use of your equipment are a breeze.

With Better Mounts, you can enjoy well-engineered gear without breaking your back or the bank. Experience the perfect balance of strength and lightweight design – only from Better Mounts.


Better Mounts


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