The Gill Plate

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Introducing the River Cast Designs Gill Plate, a premium accessory designed to enhance the stability and performance of your casting platform. Specifically engineered to support the bow strap connected to the casting platform, this gill plate provides a secure and reliable connection, ensuring an optimized fishing experience.

The River Cast Designs Gill Plate is a must-have accessory that provides exceptional support for the bow strap connected to your casting platform. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this gill plate ensures a secure connection between the bow strap and the casting platform, offering added stability and peace of mind during your fishing adventures. Trust the River Cast Designs Gill Plate to enhance the performance and reliability of your boat’s setup.

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The Gill Plate is for the strap on the front of your boat going from the front D-Ring to the casting platform. This design displaces the pressure of the strap providing protection for the raft and a better overall fit


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