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Meet The Teton by Rio Craft – where precision meets ruggedness. Streamlined and easy to row, it’s built tough with heavy-duty PVC and a rock-solid Drop Stitch floor. Experience effortless performance on the water with The Teton.

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Introducing The Teton by Rio Craft – where precision meets ruggedness for anglers seeking ultimate performance on the water. Streamlined and nimble, this raft is purpose-built to tackle the waves while providing effortless rowing for anglers of all levels.

Crafted with a narrow continuous curve, The Teton offers unparalleled ease of maneuverability, making it one of the smoothest rowing rafts you’ll ever experience. Its exceptional tracking capabilities ensure you stay on course, even in challenging waters.

Constructed from heavy-duty PVC and featuring a rock-solid Drop Stitch floor, The Teton is built tough to withstand bony water and prevent punctures. With its light gray tubes and floor, you have the freedom to add a splash of personality with an accent color of your choice.

Experience the perfect balance of precision design and effortless rowing with The Teton by Rio Craft.


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