Better Mounts – Tall Bimini Mount Set for 1.25″ Frames


Introducing tall bimini mounts, perfect for 1.25” aluminum frames. These mounts provide versatility, allowing the bimini to fold in either direction and offering ample clearance around oar towers. Keep your raft shaded and your setup simple, clean, and rugged.

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Set of two tall bimini mounts, complete with pins, u-bolts, and nuts, designed specifically for mounting a bimini to a river raft frame.

Crafted for use with 1.25” aluminum frames boasting a ~1.66″ OD, such as those used by  popular brands in whitewater rafting, these mounts offer versatility and compatibility.

Unlike our compact version, these taller mounts allow the bimini to fold in either direction and provide ample clearance around oar towers, enhancing functionality and convenience.

With these mounts, you can effortlessly bring shade to your raft or cataraft while maintaining a simple, clean, and rugged boat setup. Enjoy your river adventures with added comfort and protection from the elements.

Secure your bimini effortlessly with our mount, protecting you and your passengers from harmful UV rays. Designed to accommodate standard 1/4” bimini hardware, you have the freedom to select the ideal bimini for your needs.

Crafted from stainless steel, our mounts, pins, and u-bolts ensure durability in wet environments. Say goodbye to washers – our plated nyloc flange nuts offer hassle-free installation. Plus, with a standard 1/2” (13 mm) wrench, setup is a breeze.

Our pins, featuring springs and flip tips, lock into place securely. Tapered holes facilitate easy installation and removal, eliminating the frustration of stuck u-bolts.

Setting up is a snap – just bolt the mounts to your frame and use the pins to attach your bimini. All necessary hardware is included for your convenience. Enjoy worry-free boating with our easy-to-use bimini mount solution.


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